Valley Viewpoints: Do you remember Fulton?

by Vincent T. LaQuire

I remember Fulton, do you? I can still recall the smell of chocolate  wafting everywhere from Nestle and the asparagussy smell from Birds Eye Foods. Alas, they couldn’t be saved. And remember the waxy aroma from Sealright, now Huhtamaki?

I can picture in my mind, the sign, as I entered Fulton welcoming me inviting me to a City with a Future. A city that had Les Goldberg shake your hand as he arranged for a new table and chairs to be delivered.

Nor shall I forget the smile on Angelo’s face at the Big M, as he gladly gave you the shirt off his back to help you.

Alas, I remember well Old Polly at the pool hall, by Fran’s now closed barbershop, who would rack up a set of pool balls for a dime that Mike Rookie and I would play during a lunch break from the old high school on Fourth Street.

I remember that Mike would easily stride with his long legs, with me trailing behind, to get back to school on time for the next class.

Look at the downtown stores no longer there: Perkins, Foster’s, The  Green and White Diner, Wilson’s, and Woolworth’s with Mr. Kitts always smiling to see you.

And elsewhere there was Miller’s, Fulton Sheet Metal, Container Corp of America, The A& P, Mirabito’s, The Super Duper, Tops, and now the P&C. Also, Fulton Builders, Joice and Birch; and lets not forget Lee Memorial Hospital — the source of pride for our community for over 100 years.

Not forgetting Joe Young’s funeral home; giving one pause to believe that even the home of the dead can die, and the Fulton Knife Works that was cut out of Fulton. Finally, the Alba Pizzeria with their homemade dough and sauce.

And while some disappeared without a trace, some of them have been replaced and renewed with new companies and stores for our children to remember — giving rise that our children will remember that Fulton is still a “City with a Future” and had a past well worth remembering as well!

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