Valley Viewpoints: Flame concert

by K. Marc Warner, Coordinator of Recreation ARC of Oswego County

Recently our office was provided with an opportunity to present a free local concert to promote the New York State ARC’s mission to advocate on behalf of person’s challenged by disability.

We sponsored an appearance by an internationally renowned group of performers called Flame. The band is comprised of people challenged by disability, but known and sought after for their ability to perform musically.

NYSARC is a voluntary organization of 55 county-wide chapters consisting of parents, friends and volunteers. The association currently has over 78,000 members located in almost every county and community in New York State.

Collectively, NYSARC employs 26,000 individuals and is able to provide direct services to over 60,000 people daily. NYSARC is the largest organization of its kind in the nation.

We were able to collaborate in this effort with the Oswego City School District, which allowed our agency to secure the use of the Ralph M. Faust Theatre for the purpose of providing this show for the public.

I was able to coordinate with Stephen Braun, the theatre manager, and with other personnel at the district office in order to achieve this. I found their interactions to be supportive and professional.

The night of the performance, we were assisted by Mr. Braun and his staff, as well as the OHS student technical crew, a very talented group of student volunteers who helped move and set equipment, give backstage direction and run much of the audio/visual equipment.

The help was, again, very professional and beneficial. The complex lighting and audio requirements were completed quickly and accurately, and the result was a performance that looked and sounded amazing.

I write today to thank, and commend, the district, the supporters and patrons of the OHS theatre (SPOT) the administrative and custodial staff, the student volunteers, and the public that came out in support of this effort. Those who had opportunity to attend were well entertained, empowered and deeply moved by what was presented that night.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with all these folks again in the future.

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