Poetry Corner: Halloween 1960

by Jim Farfaglia

Halloween 1960


The school bus is minutes away.

Our kindergarten party awaits.

My Freddy the Freeloader costume

is in a brown paper sack,

but lacking one thing:

his floppy, torn top hat –

and I cry at my incompleteness.

So you get right to work

with construction paper, cardboard

and your easy way with creativity.

As the bus pulls into view

you place on my head the finishing touch…


Parading down the sidewalk

that winds around Phillips St. School

I see the neighbors lining the streets,

handing out compliments

as sweet as penny candy.

I hold my upside-down newspaper,

pretending to read, and trip on a crack.

Just like Freddy the Freeloader!

someone offers and –

as I adjust my floppy hat –

for the second time today

I smile through my tears.

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