Fulton volleyball finishes regular season in second place

by Rob Tetro

The Fulton varsity volleyball team is in second place in its division as the regular season concluded Thursday.

The team is led by its six seniors: Brittney Mitsiell, Sara Campolieta, Emily Lamb, Tiffany Trovato, Julia Spier and Kate Rothrock.

According to Coach Caroline Richardson, these six seniors have displayed an impressive work ethic, which is something that the team’s underclassmen have paid close attention to.

Richardson’s seniors have also taught her younger players about how taking part in off-season activities can improve their level of play.

With the careers of the seniors nearing completion, Richardson hopes that these athletes move on with a better understanding of two basic principles. She hopes that her seniors move on with a better understanding of what it means to truly be mentally tough.

Also, whether its a group project or a team sport, Richardson hopes that her seniors move on with the understanding that group success comes from everyone doing their part.

Though the season has not quite concluded, Richardson said that success has been seen for players individually and for the team as a whole. With that in mind, when the season comes to an end, Richardson suggested that the entire team can come away feeling proud that because every player improved throughout the season, the team was also able to show a overall gradual improvement as well.

Looking ahead to next season, Richardson said the players that are expected to return have a lot of potential. Most of those players have already shown their significance with the key roles they have displayed this season.

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