Legislators: County employee not responsible for backdating

by Carol Thompson

An employee of the Oswego County Clerk’s office will not be responsible for backdated legal documents, according to legislators who have been working on the matter.

As reported in the Oct. 17 issue of The Valley News, an employee was asked to index judgments and liens that had been backdated. By doing so, the employee was concerned that it would appear she did the actual backdating.

The employee noted that she did not want to do anything illegal nor be charged with insubordination for failing to perform the work.

The employee went to County Attorney Richard Mitchell to seek advise. That advise was not solid so the employee explained the dilemma to Legislator Jake Mulcahey.

Deputy Clerk of Operations Matthew Bacon admitted he had authorized the backdating when questioned at a meeting in July.  He provided legislators the dates used to backdate the documents.

The question of the legalities surfaced and Legislator Shawn Doyle called for an investigation. Several legislators agreed with him.

In the meantime, it was recommended that the employee put the CSEA union on notice.

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