Valley Viewpoints: County clerk race

by Wes Belcher of Fulton

Recently, Legislator Doug Malone wrote a very eloquent letter concerning the race for the county clerk opening.

The election for this seat is to held in the November election between Michael Backus and Phil Vasho.

I agree with Mr. Malone’s opinion that the voice of the people must be heard as to who runs the clerks office and as to how it is run (to a degree). I know Mr. Malone well enough to know he means this and believes it.

However, it appears that the same cannot be said of Mr. Vasho and his handlers. It seems Mr. Vashos’ supporters asked the governor to “appoint” Mr. Vasho and the election would not be held. The governor, being an honorable man, declined.

Next, a lawsuit was filed to “force” the governor to appoint a person to the position.

This is typical of how Mr. Vasho does things; he does not like to be questioned or overruled. He also, apparently, doesn’t think he can win the election and doesn’t care to let the voice of the people be heard by a vote.

What his qualifications, if any, are remains to be seen. To the best of my knowledge, he has no real qualification.

If in fact he was that qualified, he had the option of running in an election against Mr. Williams when he was alive in the many races Mr. Williams won…by the voice of the people through a vote.

Instead, he chose to wait for Mr. Williams to pass away and then figured the governor (a fellow Democrat) would just appoint him.

He figured wrong and persists in his efforts to force the appointment.

To say Mr. Vasho would bring a change to county government is a bit disingenuous as a check of the list of county employees who got a job while he was a legislator might show.

Having seen the heavy-handed way he runs the Fulton committee, I hold little hope for any real change in his sought after election to county clerk.

I wish both he and Mr. Backus success, but as a registered Democrat I cannot pull the lever for Mr. Vasho.

To anyone who believes in democracy and voting rights, this action to have the governor appoint someone to the position is an affront to a fair and open election. His actions only indicate he is in favor of back room deals and political partisan politics.

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