Jerry’s Journal: October 13, 2012

The old American Woolen Mill with the view from the east side of the river.

by Jerry Kasperek

I stand corrected: The picture in my last column was not from the 1950 yearbook but was from the 1948 yearbook.

After having a conversation with Beverly Coles Downs about it, I decided to check it out to see what yearbook I had used. I had a pile of them on my desk the day I wrote the article and must have grabbed the wrong one. Sorry about that! Thanks, Beverly!

And, oh yes, as far as the write up about 1951 team and its “thrilling victory” over Oswego, I have been reminded by a source I will not put a name to that it was Jim “Hunky” McNamara who made the final touchdown to win the game 12-7. How could I have forgotten that!

Who remembers the boys in the picture? For some reason, their names did not make it into print with my article. So, here, from the pages of the 1948 yearbook, are the members of the football team: Vincent Vescio, Nick Naito, Dick Marcino, Louis LeVea, Robert Snow, Dominic Clavelli, Irwin Vincent, Donald Johnson, Dick Anderson, Hugh Burritt, Leon Dumas, Dominic Ipolito, Russell Bowers, Jim Utick, Arthur Cardinali, William Stanton, Dean Mitchell, Wright Sheldon, Dick Nissen, Donald Kanaley, Jack Halstead, Stanley Springer, Nick Ipolito, Andy Branigan, Louis Francesconi, Skip Todd, Francis Knight, Charles Merritt, Dean Lavendar, Joe McNamara, Carl Johnson.

Now let’s rewind back to an article I wrote this summer on Sharp’s Pond, the old swimming hole of my youth.

Who remembers the house as you came down the path to the pond? It was the home of the Palmer children: Thelma, Kathleen, Leon, Richard, and Arlene. Arlene graduated with our class of 1951. She married Ben Harris and last April they celebrated 59 years of marriage.

Who remembers the big building to the right of the pond? It housed city equipment. I’ve been told of an ice house that also was also on the property. I don’t know if the ice came from the pond or from Lake Neahtawanta.

Blocks of ice were carved out of the frozen pond or lake water, were covered with straw in the ice house to keep them cold all summer, and were sold to households and restaurants to put in their iceboxes.

That was when the iceman cometh and delivered ice right to your door. Who remembers those big, scary metal tongs he carried the blocks of ice with?

Who remembers the glory days of the Fulton Woman’s Bowling Association back in the 1960s? Dorothy Churchill still does. Her daughter, Honey Parkhurst, with whom she lives, sent me a page of pictures and write-ups out of “The Woman Bowler” magazine of long ago.

It reported on “Fulton NY Champs,” referring to the champions of our city tournament, including team, single and double and all events winners, among them were Dorothy Churchill, Leta Paige, Shirley Hall, June Baker, and Anita Procopio.

Ruth Darling, president of the FWBA and I, association secretary, were shown handing out the trophies. Also pictured were Gordon Stowell, proprietor of Triangle Dairy, who was awarded the sponsor’s trophy, and Ed Tryniski, manager of the Bowlarama Lanes, who supplied the trophy.

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