Fulton might join Oswego with new girls hockey team

by Nicole Reitz

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Fulton Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch discussed the possibility of combining a girls ice hockey team with Oswego.

The Oswego City School District has opened an invitation to the Fulton district for girls interested in the sport to join the team.

Lynch said that Athletic Director Chris Ells is communicating with students and parents to see if there is interest.

The combined team would play during the 2012-2013 season and the agreement would be for one year. At the end of the year, the decision to move forward with the program would be reviewed again.

Lynch said that there are female athletes at the secondary level who play hockey and may be interested in a team sport.

At the present time, there would not be a financial cost to the district. Students would be covered under the district’s insurance as athletes and there is no cost for ice time or uniforms. Parents would, however, be responsible for transportation of the students involved.

“On the surface, it would be a nice opportunity for students,” said Lynch. In the past, the school district has participated with other districts for combined athletic teams, including the swim team with Bishop Ludden.

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