Valley Viewpoints: Shame on DSS

by Rose Anthony of Fulton

Again, I say shame on Oswego County. I have been through more than anyone can realize with the DSS department.

I wanted to attend a work meeting with legislators and tell them what was happening. I received permission to attend and speak, but up and behold I get a letter from the big man, Mr. Hafner, and he tells me I cannot attend and speak.

Why do we pay these people if they cannot be told what is happening?

The DSS lied to me. I have a tenant who cannot take care of herself and I was told later by Mr. Hafner that she could not take care of herself, but we have no place for her.

How pathetic! Our county is spending millions to renovate Mexico’s building so these workers are comfortable and yet they can’t afford a place for people like my tenant.

I had to have a lawyer go to the judge and guess what; no one from DSS showed up to represent this poor lady.

Since the Maxwell case in Palermo, this department was given 30 more employees. If you can see what I’ve seen in two months, you would be shocked out of your shoes. Believe in the system? No way.

Our money in this county is just thrown away on things that are not important. How many people are out there who cannot take care of themselves and we have no place for them? How many other landlords had the same problem? My heart goes out to her, and in court there was no case worker. Shame!

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