Leon Archer

The Sportsman’s World: September 22, 2012

Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

As the price of gas continues to march onward and upward on the flimsiest of excuses used by oil companies and speculators in order to continue to gouge us, I begin to wonder what effect prices will have on hunting and fishing.

Already I am beginning to weigh just how much I want to travel around the state to kill a few ducks against the cost involved. I know that hunting for small game, even turkeys, is not cost effective if one has to drive very far. However, deer hunting is a slightly different story, but even then, the price per pound for venison can be a more than one would like to think.

I understand that it’s not entirely possible to put an exact price on hunting or fishing because there are so many variables, but nevertheless, I think it is not unrealistic to believe that if the intangible rewards were not factored in, then the cost to benefit ratio would be an unfavorable one.

The intangible rewards are not to be discounted; for indeed, they may often be of greater value to the sportsman than the resulting fish or game.

Time in the woods or on the water with good friends can flavor a relationship for a lifetime. The time fishing or being afield with a spouse or child is precious indeed, and a grandparent can impart a mountain of love and instruction to a grandchild while that child thinks they are merely hunting or fishing.

So I will not entirely abandon going farther afield than my own back yard or fishing streams other than just the river running through Fulton, but I will still seek out areas closer to home.

This year for the first time ever, I applied for and received a deer management permit right here in Oswego County. I certainly can save some gas plus get a little more sleep than I have in the past. And if anyone has a good squirrel woods on their property, and wouldn’t mind allowing someone to shoot a few of their bushy tails, I’m your guy, just let me know.

While I’m back on the subject of squirrels, hunting them might be cost effective. They are so wide spread that no one ever has to travel very far to find a huntable population.

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