Michael Backus
Republican candidate for county clerk

Backus to take an ‘evaluative’ approach

Michael Backus
Republican candidate for county clerk

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Clerk candidate Michael Backus said he will evaluate some of the concerns with the office to determine the best path to take.

When asked if he would call for an audit of the office, Backus responded, “Should the taxpayers of Oswego County honor me with their vote in November and elect me County Clerk, I will do my own personal evaluations of the office and work with the oversight committee in the legislature, our auditors and the comptroller’s office to determine the best path forward for the office.”

Backus said he will address the controversy and allegations of mismanagement and investigations also by his personal evaluation.

“As with any change in administration, I will certainly take the time to evaluate the office as it currently exists after I am sworn in and make changes to ensure the office is accountable and responsive to the taxpayers of Oswego County,” he said.

The clerk’s office has been shrouded with controversy in recent years and some problems have been discussed at legislature meetings. Backus said while he has read news reports and heard rumors and innuendo, he did not feel it was appropriate to comment.

“If mismanagement took place, if laws or rules were broken, I will act swiftly and constructively to ensure the integrity of the office going forward for the taxpayers of Oswego County,” he said.

The controversial contract for data imaging services is also something Backus said he would need to evaluate.

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