Poetry Corner: A New Home in the Neighborhood

by Jim Farfaglia

A New Home in the Neighborhood


Someone has used the long arm of their dreams

to dig a hole in the earth,

then squared its sides with their strong will.


An old men stands at the edge of that hole

to peer into such a noble beginning,

watching as it fills with his memories:


the solid foundation of a growing family,

the heavy bricks of life’s long, steady climb,

the crushed stone of regret.


Off to the side he sees wheelbarrows and rakes,

tools that bore the loads he once carried,

that smoothed the roads he has traveled.


He takes note of the inventory: stacks of lumber,

coils of wire, tunnels of piping –

raw material to make something of this space


that a younger man will use

to raise his own dreams, to build himself

a life worth remembering.

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