Hodgepodge: Sept. 15, 2012

by Roy Hodge

On a recent morning, I drove past a local school just in time to see a line of young children being taken outside by their teachers for a recess (or maybe a fire drill). They were dressed for school and were neat and clean, but also ready for the playground.

The boys were wearing jeans, sweat pants, or casual pants, and T-shirts, many of them with clever sayings or business names and logos. Most of the boys wore sneakers.

Some of the girls also wore jeans, but they looked nice – no ripped away knees. Some of them were wearing shorter pants, but I didn’t notice any short-shorts.  There may have been a few dresses among them. The girls that weren’t wearing sneakers had sandals.

Of course, my mind traveled quickly back to when I was in elementary school. When I returned home that day I immediately looked for and found a photo that was taken when I was in fourth or fifth grade at McKinley school. We were posing for a class photo so we were maybe even a little neater than the group of kids that I saw, but we were definitely wearing our school clothes.

Back then, kids wore “nicer” clothes to school, and changed into “play” clothes when we got home.

The first thing I noticed in my fourth grade photo was that every girl in that photo was wearing a dress – a cute little lady-like dress and loafers or more fancy strap-on shoes.

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