Memory of student remains alive

Linda Doty who had Kristen Pulver as a student at the Kingsford Park Elementary School wants her to be remembered. Annually, she places school bus yellow colored mums on the grave.

“I don’t want her to be forgotten!” said Charles E. Riley Elementary School Principal Linda Doty as she talked about a former elementary school student.

In 1999, Oswego Middle School seventh grader Kristen Pulver was tragically killed and left this world at a very young age.

Doty doesn’t want this gentle, kind hearted youngster to be forgotten. Doty noted, “Every year, the week before school, I take a day off and go out and get some school bus yellow mums. Then I go to the cemetery and place them on Kristen’s grave. It is my way of telling her that she is remembered.”

Pulver was a student at Kingsford Park Elementary School who loved learning and cared about others. She was a student of Doty’s prior to entering seventh grade at OMS.

Doty said, “Just about everyday after being at the middle school Kristen would go home and then come back to my classroom at Kingsford Park. She would open her books, study and sometimes just talk. We focused on learning.”

According to Doty, Kristen had a huge heart. She explained, “Kristen befriended others that didn’t fit in easily, not only in school, but also outside during after school hours. Kristen didn’t judge others, she was a friend to anyone who needed one.”

The current CER principal noted, “I just don’t want people to forget her. She was just one of the many students who work hard, care about others and have dreams. However, her dreams were never able to be achieved. She deserves to be remembered.”

Pulver is remembered not only when Linda Doty places those school bus yellow mums on her grave, but the youngster comes to mind and remains in this educator’s heart every day.

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