Malone might lose his county legislative district

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Legislator Doug Malone may have to face off against his cousin if his house isn’t put back into his district.

When the new legislative district maps were drawn, Malone was removed from the 20th District, where his house is located.

When the new maps were distributed last week, it was stated that no legislators were removed from the district they represent.

“I know they’re going to fix it,” Malone said, adding that he has yet to have any official confirmation.

The new maps, which are tentative, do include Malone’s business in his current district. His house, however, was put in the district of his relative, Legislator Terry Wilbur.

Districts 1 and 5 remained unchanged. The remaining 23 districts were changed — some minor and some substantially.

While some legislators are pleased with their new boundaries, some are not sure about the new lines. Legislator Morris Sorbello lost a portion of the Town of Granby and gained a section of the Town of Hannibal. He said he has mixed feelings about the new District 23.

Legislator Amy Tresidder, who represents District 16, will cross the Oswego River under the new map, bringing her into a part of the east side of the city. She said she too was unsure of the new lines.

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