Governor Cuomo expected to appoint new county clerk

by Carol Thompson

Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to fill the vacancy created in the Oswego County Clerk’s Office due to the death of George Williams.

Oswego County Democratic Chairman Mike Kunzwiler said that as of Thursday, the word from Albany is that the governor will appoint someone to the county clerk position through the end of the year and the position will be on the ballot for November’s general election.

The seat has not been held by a Democrat in decades, if ever. Kunzwiler said he is awaiting the return of the governor from the Democrat National Convention to have an exact determination as to how the seat will be filled.

Each major party caucus can submit a name to be on the ballot should it go to a November election. “We will definitely submit a name,” Kunzwiler said.

The Democrats are most likely to have a candidate selected as the governor is Democrat and appointments traditionally remain within the political affiliation of the governor.

“The position is one that cannot remain vacant for an extended period of time,” Kunzwiler said.

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