Light In The Darkness: September 6, 2012

by Pastor David Grey

“David was now in great danger because all his men were very bitter about losing their sons and daughters, and they began to talk of stoning him. But David found strength in the Lord his God.” — 1 Samuel 30:6   David and his men had just returned from a mission. When they arrived home they found that in their absence the Amalekites had burned their town to the ground and carried away everything they possessed including all their women and children.

We can only imagine how heart-wrenching it must have been. However, the great lesson for us, and probably why the Lord included this story in scripture, is found in the contrast between the way David’s men reacted and the response of David, himself.

It says that David’s men, after they had, “wept until they could weep no more,” looked for someone to blame.

And they blamed David.

Their logic is not difficult to guess. “If David hadn’t taken us away to war, we would have been home to protect our families.”  This bitter spirit so quickly and completely permeated the entire assembly that they actually began discussing stoning David to death. Scripture hints how serious they were when it says that “David was now in great danger…”

In stark contrast, we read that David turned to the Lord and in so doing, “found strength in the Lord, his God.”

There is a lesson here for each of us when we face some significant trial in life.

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