Valley Viewpoints: Running the race

by Wes Belcher of Fulton

A few weeks ago, the Fulton YMCA had the Caruana Race. This weekend, the YNCA held another fundraiser race.

In both races, members of the Fulton varsity cross country participated. Not because they were made to, they did so on their own.

In the Caruana race, our guys did quite well, taking first in the youth category and in the top three and four in the adult category.

This weekend, they took four of the top five places in the adult class. These runners were Kyle Loftus, first place; Bailey Lutz, second place; Jimmy Martin, third place; and Jake Belcher, fifth place.

Keep in mind they were running against accomplished adult runners.

The community turned out and there were older runners, older walkers, kids, moms, dads, firemen, policemen and all in all it was well attended in both the 5K and the 15K.

People were in their yards cheering these folks on, clapping and generally having a good time.

Too often, we (and I am guilty of this) see only the bad side of kids and our community in general. This was a chance to let these runners know we appreciate them and the YMCA. This was a well attended community event.

These kids run voluntarily four to six miles per day, lift weights, and are good clean representatives of our City. Mr. Carrol, the coach, is a great guy and the kids and adults love him. He is faithful to our city and our youth. All in all, a good clean activity for these kids, and adults also.

So…why has there been no media coverage? They give out medals at a small ceremony, but no news people in attendance. I think it is sad and disappointing that it goes uncovered. Good job to all involved.

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