Kids fishing class held at Fulton’s Lake Neatahwanta

A McGrath & Associates Carp Angling Services employee holds a large catfish hooked by Fulton’s Rebecca Bailey (center) and reeled in by Jakob Burghardt, also of Fulton.

A kids fishing class was held Aug. 18. Twenty-two children participated in the class, which was held at Lake Neatahwanta on Fulton’s west side.

The class was sponsored by local fishing author Spider Rybaak and McGrath & Associates Carp Angling Services.

Mike McGrath, billed as the most knowledgeable carp expert on the East Coast, held several children and their parents captive for an hour, explaining and demonstrating carp subjects, including  knots and terminal tackle to habitat preferences, mixing chum (grains, syrups and Marukyu Japanese bait) and seeding it into the water to draw the fish close to shore.

After his course in theory, McGrath led the kids to a spot on the lake, cast out several lines and began catching carp ranging from 7 to 15 pounds and a couple channel catfish running from 4 to 8 pounds.

Meanwhile, Spider was teaching kids how to fish with lures and worms.

Nightcrawlers  were the bait of choice in the beginning, but the supply ran out after a couple hours and the students began using the Atomic Teasers, Ripple Shad and Honey Worm PowerBaits Spider handed out earlier, catching bluegills and white perch on the Berkley lures.

Loaner Shakespeare Classic rod and reel combos were available for the day for kids who didn’t have their own fishing equipment.

Spider and McGrath will hold another fishing class on Lake Neatahwanta, September 15 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Those seeking more information may contact McGrath at or 882-1549.

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