Valley Viewpoints: Clean house

by Steven D. Burdick of Fulton

Even after the little girl in Scriba went to Heaven after contracting EEE last year, Phil Church and his legislature gang still told us “sheeple” here there would be no mosquito spraying.

Anytime a mosquito lands on a person in Oswego County, that person feels like they’re playing Russian Roulette if they get bit.

Patty Ritchie has been campaigning this year on “Fight the Bite,” and even though mosquitoes are rampant with EEE in our area, not enough has been done.

Everything our Oswego County government needs: parts, equipment, office supplies, should be put out to bid. This would save millions of dollars.

Keeping the “pencil sharp” by getting the best deals. And then they should not state there is not enough money for mosquito spraying. Jobs should be given to the fairest bidder, not just a person or corporation who “scratches” our Oswego County politicians backs. (And I’m not talking about mosquito bites.)

Bid requests should be advertised in the local newspapers and kept track of who the county is doing business with, how much the county paid and give other local businesses a good shot to supply fair bids and have fair opportunities to keep the money and jobs in this area. This plan would save local taxpayers money. This is the free enterprise system!

Local businesses, like mine, should be encouraged and patronized by our county. My business has been bypassed often in favor of their cronies. They have a monopoly on their towing services list. It’s like organized crime.

The political forces send their own “officer unfriendly.” The biggest crime in this area may be the police force.

There are some really good officers around, and my hat goes off to them. But some political bosses around send their charges off to do their dirty work for them.

Was it wrong to protest Hitler?

One of my employees was incarcerated for nine years, a young family man who graduated from Central Square High School. The law went after him like a pack of wolves, only to have his conviction proven false by New York State’s highest court.

Governor Cuomo has the right idea by tightening the reigns on our law enforcement groups.

Our area needs jobs to keep our good young people in our area, an also work for our local businesses. Everybody in Oswego County must get behind this idea, not just a select few but our true leaders, businessmen, school teachers, bankers, who are not afraid to stick their necks out in the middle of a battle.

Our youth and businesses need to come first for this area to prosper again. It’s like the old saying. “Where’s the beef?
Where’s the jobs?

Above the door of the Cherry Street School in Phoenix is engraved “Opportunity Awaits Youth” and it can happen again as soon as they “clean house” of our Oswego County so-called leaders.

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