Taxpayers foot the bill for DSS apartment clean-up

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County taxpayers will foot the bill for the garbage cleanup and disinfecting of an apartment in the City of Fulton.

Two employees of Servpro spent Tuesday morning cleaning the apartment, owned by Rose Anthony of the Town of Granby.

Earlier this month, Anthony said an Oswego County Department of Social Services caseworker and a woman approached her about renting an apartment on the second floor of the building she owns at 306 Oneida St.

The woman is developmentally disabled, but Anthony claims she was misled into believing the woman could live independently.

Anthony alleged that the woman was eating off the kitchen floor and that there was raw garbage strewn about the apartment. Anthony further alleged that the woman’s only furniture was a mattress on the living room floor.

Neighbors, Anthony said, began complaining about the stench coming from the upper living area of the home. Upon inspection, Anthony said she saw the condition of the apartment and began contacting DSS.

When asked if Anthony had received a security deposit to cover the cost of the cleanup, Oswego County Department of Social Services Director Gregg Heffner said, “In an effort to appease the landlord who was upset and to help this client,” the work was completed.

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