Shock linebacker continues to learn

by Rob Tetro

Syracuse Shock Lineback Justin Galletta took notice of the sport of football when he was in junior high school.

It was at that time that he noticed his brother coming home with football equipment. At the time, Galletta didn’t know much about the game but soon felt that football could be something fun to do.

Shortly thereafter, he began playing football at the modified level and didn’t look back.

Soon, he found himself a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, which is a fanhood that exists to this day. It was only natural that Galletta become inspired by the play of Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman.

As alumni of both Baldwinsville High School and Morrisville State College, Galletta considers himself both a lifelong “Bee” and “Mustang”.

One of the more memorable moments in football for Galletta came while playing in a high school football championship game at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse.

Oddly enough, Galletta’s “Bees” took on a Corcoran team that featured five to 10 players who are now currently his teammates on the Shock.

His teammates are quick to remind him that Corcoran came away with a win on that day.

Now in his sixth season with the Shock, Galletta suggested that if he is going to be a successful football player, it will be because of the desire he has to keep learning about the game.

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