Hodgepodge: August 25, 2012

by Roy Hodge

It is weeks like this when this space seems to be correctly titled – a true Hodgepodge.

We recently got the supper dishes out of the way early and went to watch our friend Eddie Fagan and accordionist Bruce Gerow while they entertained the residents of an adult living facility near our home.

I always enjoy watching Eddie pursue his particular brand of entertainment and Bruce Gerow is a very talented accordionist.

In the days a few years ago (at least ten) that we used to catch Eddie and his fellow musician friends in action often, the group was advertised as the “Eddie Fagan Trio and the World’s Greatest Collection of Spoon Players.” And, back then, they weren’t kidding.

There were always at least a couple, often many more, of Eddie’s followers who were able to produce a rhythmic accompaniment to the band by whacking a couple of spoons together. As I wrote in 1991, after I saw Eddie and his entourage in action, “An amazing talent, you have to admit.”

It was a very appreciative audience when we dropped in on Eddie, but they weren’t banging on spoons. There was, however, one lady who wasn’t a resident who added to the group’s rhythm section by thumping, banging, hitting, whacking and shaking a tambourine (what exactly is it that one is supposed to do with a tambourine?)

In the other hand. she had a couple of those round things that look like coconuts with handles that Xavier Cugat was always shaking.

*  *  *  *  *

The computer’s spell checker was doing its job recently when it detected the word “yardening” in the article that I reprinted from my friend Joygerm Joan’s most recent “Infectionately Yours” newsletter.

Joan’s version of the sentence in question started: He was within earshot of my sister, who was doing a bit of outdoor yardening…”

Knowing very well of Joan’s talent for using puns and other clever ways to get her ideas across, I never doubted that readers would know that she was discovering a new word to describe the scene – her sister doing some gardening in the yard – or “yardening.”

I have come up with a new definition out of this yardening/gardening thing – “The error that isn’t wrong; it just isn’t right” – which is to be better known by its acronym – “te-ti-wi’-jir”. That’s te (pronounce as in ten), ti (pronounce as in tin), wi (pronounce as in with, with primary emphasis on this syllable), and jir (pronounced as rhyming with her or stir).

Making up new words isn’t easy.

*  *  *  *  *

Since I have been retired I’ve been trying to help out and be useful by doing things around the house – even things that I have never done before.

Friday is laundry day, which I never got much involved with while I was working – except the help I offered by throwing dirty clothes into the dirty clothes basket.

Now I have responsibilities. My wife starts the laundry before she leaves for work in the morning.

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