Author’s dream will become reality

by Carol Thompson

Lisa Buske’s dream has turned to reality as the book she has penned about her sister’s abduction is scheduled to be released April 3, 2013 — the anniversary date of Heidi Allen’s disappearance.

Buske, a Town of New Haven resident, made the announcement on her blog Sunday. “I am happy to announce ‘Where’s Heidi? One Sister’s Journey’ is tentatively scheduled to be released in April 2013,” she wrote. “We, my husband, daughter, and parents are so excited to share this book with all of you. The ultimate goal is a release date of April 3, 2013.”

Heidi disappeared from a convenience story in New Haven 18 years ago. Authorities say she was kidnapped and is presumed dead. Her body has never been located and the case remains open.

“I speak to the siblings left to deal with the stress and grief experienced when their brother or sister is tragically taken from their lives,” Buske said of her book.

The cover will be released on Allen’s birthday, Sept. 14.

Buske has taken the emotional journey in writing the book about a painful subject with the support of her family and her faith in God.

“My parents are both very excited about the book’s release and are my greatest cheerleaders,” she said.

“When I asked them if I could write the book, their response; ‘It is your story to tell. We are proud of you for doing it. You are honoring your sister and helping others. We couldn’t ask for anything more’.”

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