Volney Senior Citizens News

August 1st was our noon meeting and another hot day. We sure have had some warm weather this year. The summer has just flown by.

Our birthday folks are Barry Newman and Bev Reynolds. Many more to both of you.

Julie Lanning was out 50-50 winner. It is fun to win the prize.

Our guest was Judy Wanke and the new member was Patricia Kerfein. Welcome ladies.

Wednesday, Sept. 5 there will be flu shots available right after our meeting. You can also get a shingles and a pertussis vaccination. Medicare will cover the flu shot but not the other two.

Our picnic was great and the food was really good, all you could eat and we did not have to cook it.

Aug. 27 we are going to the State Fair. It is so nice to get on the bus and get into the fair with no problems finding a parking spot.

Sept. 10 is a trip to go see Randy Riggle who is a nationally touring comedian. Join us for an afternoon of nostalgic memories of a by-gone era.

The next meeting is Aug. 15 at 5 p.m.

Some people make the world more special just being in it.

-Alma Bowering

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