Valley Viewpoints: Two hundred years

by Esther Rogers of Phoenix

On Aug. 18 the Bristol Hill Church in Volney will be celebrating 200 years of life. There is a schedule of events for that day that will be published in other places in the paper so I will not repeat it here in this letter.

Obviously, we are proud of our church’s heritage and hope that many of the members of the community will attend all or part of our celebration.

The church has a wonderful history. It was formed in 1812 and was soon attended by both blacks and white members. If you think about that, it was many years before the Civil War and slavery was still common. That makes the Bristol Hill Church’s background even more amazing.

Its heritage includes helping on the Underground Rail Road and we are proud of that. There is a wonderful display in the church for those who would like to know more about the history.

We remain that kind of church today. We welcome everyone no matter what their circumstances are. There is a respect for one another that one feels as soon as you attend a service there. We would love to have anyone who is looking for a church family to attend with us on any Sunday.

We hope you will come on the 18th and celebrate with us, but even more than that, we hope you will come and spend a Sunday or two with us. If you do that, you’ll be hooked!

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