Valley Viewpoints: Chic-Fil-A

by Al Squitieri Sr. of Fulton

I’m tired of the one-sided news coverage by the liberal press and far-left pundits yapping about gays and Chic-Fil-A’s.

I have not heard a word about Home Depot putting hundreds of thousands of customer dollars into the Gay Rights movement!   Gays and those companies are putting their noses into politics — and they are allowed to do so — but are intolerant of a Christian business owner’s right to  express his moral and Constitutional rights through the way he conducts his business?

Dan Cathy has the rights allowed by the Constitution: free speech and freedom of religion. If you don’t agree with God’s Word and Christianity, which is what it comes down to, don’t choke on the chicken, eat somewhere else!

The highest percentages of American people agree. The count is 1,000 to one in favor of Mr. Cathy’s rights, regardless of the biased media’s spin and selective coverage.

Take a look at the Chic-Fill-A’s around the country; the turnout has been around the block! And why has 10 percent of the nation’s population, made up of Gay Rights people, dictating to 90 percent of the rest of us in this country? I speak of the too-long-silent majority.

Hello! Its time to wake up before its too late.

Aside from the liberal media’s help in ruining this great nation, we have cowardly senators and congressmen afraid to speak up for what we assumed they believed when we put them in office. They are twisting or ignoring the Constitution and city mayors are allowed to do the same when threatening new business wanting to bring jobs to jobless cities. They should be thrown out of office.

What has happened to the America we knew? We are losing the liberties our forefathers fought for, and wisely put down on paper to protect us from the

Kings control over our lives and liberties, be he across the sea, or by self-imposed title. How did the changing of America get into the hands of a few weirdos and want-to-stay jobless bums feeding off the working taxpayers.

They are protesting — in most cases not knowing who and what they are protesting — while taking from the government, biting the hand that feeds them.

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