Laughing Through Life: August 8, 2012

Andrew Henderson

“Did time travelers help the allies win World War II?”

That question was written in the subject line of a e-mail I recently received here at the office.

Time travelers? World War II? I must admit that I was intrigued.

“Did time travelers help the allies win World War ll?” the e-mail begins. “Not as far-fetched as you might think. Sidney Dowse, one of the last survivors of Sagan, the prison camp portrayed in the 1963 movie ‘The Great Escape,’ apparently disclosed hidden details to Eddie Upnick under the condition that he would not reveal anything he was told until after Sidney’s death, which occurred in 2008.”

Apparently, this e-mail is promoting “Time Will Tell,” a historical work of fiction by Upnick. The book idea began when Upnick interviewed Dowse in a 1995 chance meeting in Antigua.

Before the Second World War broke out, Dowse worked in secret operations for Stewart Menzies, who was the head of MI-6 and had daily meetings with Winston Churchill.

Dowse related “never before told stories” to Upnick, under the condition that they would not be revealed until after his death, which occurred four years ago.

One of the claims was that Menzies met two men carrying hand-held, voice-activated devices before Germany invaded Poland. These men “supposedly” broke the German Enigma codes and improved the fledgling English radar systems.

They also had pointed ears and were wearing spandex suits while chanting, “Beam me up, Scotty” over and over again.

Sound far-fetched? Perhaps.

Anyway, the idea of time travelers got me thinking…wouldn’t it be cool if time travelers came to help us out once in a while?

Now, I am not talking about Marty McFly-style but rather super-duper cool time travelers with neat-o inventions, such as those from the Terminator movies.

Wouldn’t it be neat to have someone from the future stop someone or something from happening?

Of course, there is the obvious: the Twin Towers, wars, atrocities, cancer, and the such. And then there is the not-so-obvious.

For example, can we have a time traveler come back to the past to stop Carly Rae Jepsen from writing the song, “Call Me Maybe?”

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