Oswego county administrator may change the way vacancies are filled

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Administrator Phil Church said he is looking into a change in the manner in which employment vacancies are filled.

Church told members of the legislature’s Finance and Personnel Committee that he is reviewing the vacancy review process.

The change would result in vacancies remaining unfilled for a certain period of time to allow for review.

Currently, the department heads make requests to fill vacancies at the time an employee leaves or prior to notice given, Church said.

Under the new policy, an employee would not be hired immediately in the exiting employee’s place, but rather down the road once it has been determined that the position is needed.

“There are certain positions that would be exempt,” Church said.

Legislator Art Ospelt said he would not refer to it as a hiring freeze, but rather a hiring delay.

“I think there are some things you can’t hold up…but this way here they have a little bit more time to see if they actually need that person.” he said. “I think it’s worth trying.”

Legislator Milferd Potter said he believed it would be a good idea to try it.

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