Legislators allege they were told FBI has left town

by Carol Thompson

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Albany will not confirm or deny an investigation is ongoing into Oswego County government, pursuant to the agency’s policy, however, some legislators allege they were told at a Tuesday evening caucus by a top-ranking county official that the investigation has concluded with no findings.

Because caucus proceedings are confidential, the legislators spoke on the condition of anonymity. They allege they were told the FBI is no longer looking into County Clerk George Williams or county clerk vendor Info Quick Solutions, Inc. of Liverpool.

The announcement was made, they claim, because there has been a concern with some legislators in regard to awarding a contract to a vendor under investigation.

The legislature is expected to vote on a recommendation to award the contract to IQS at the August 9 meeting.

Last year, the U.S. attorney’s office reportedly issued subpoenas for a decade worth of records from the office of the county clerk and the company.

The FBI generally does not confirm an investigation unless it has gone public, an agency spokesperson noted.

The county official whom legislators allege made the statement did not respond to a request for comment.

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