County’s delinquent property redemption deadline nears

by Carol Thompson

The deadline for redeeming property seized by Oswego County for back taxes is nearing.

County Treasurer John Kruk said Aug. 10 is the last day residents have to prevent their properties from going on the auction block.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Kruk gave members of the legislature’s Finance and Personnel Committee an update on the upcoming property tax auction that is held each year to sell properties that have been seized by the county for delinquent taxes.

This year, the auction will be held Sept. 8 at the Fulton War Memorial. The auction is traditionally held at the Oswego County BOCES complex, however, due to ongoing building renovations, the location had to be moved.

Kruk said there are approximately 190 parcels listed to go to auction and all properties have been posted. He added that there most likely will be many redeemed prior to the deadline.

Kruk said the number is unusually high this year. “Normally there are between 80 and 100,” he said.

“That’s the bad part,” Legislator Art Ospelt commented. “That’s not good.”

Oswego County takes title to residential and farm properties after the taxes have gone unpaid for approximately four years. Title is taken for vacant land and commercial properties after two years of non-payment of taxes.

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