Leon Archer

The Sportsman’s World: August 4, 2012

Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

Sweet Thing and I just returned from visiting our son, Brett, and his family in Two Harbors, Minn., spending two weeks including travel time. That’s why I missed you last week; I just ran out of time.

We did give our car top camper a good workout, not just on the way out and back, but camping for three nights with the family in Freemont, Wisc.

The Jelly Stone Park in Fremont is about 25 miles away from Oshkosh and Brett and I spent two days at the Oshkosh Air Show while the gals spent the days taking it easy at the pool. What a blast!

If anyone is connected to aviation, they know about the Oshkosh show. It’s the king of all air shows in North America and draws people from around the world. Temperatures were well above 90, but Brett and I ignored the heat and soaked up the sights.

Regular readers of this column are probably aware that I have mentioned my interest in flying and ultra lights from time to time over the past five years. Well, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to either fish or cut bait and last month I started ultra light flying lessons. I went to Oshkosh a week after my first lesson.

While at Oshkosh, I joined the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) and spent a fair amount of time looking at ultra light and light sport aircraft.

Now I need to join the local chapter of the EAA. There are some types of ultra lights that I have absolutely no desire to go up in, but I did see some at the show that left me drooling.

It turns out that, unbeknownst to me, Brett also has latent desires to fly as well. He has his eyes set on a light sport aircraft. We spent a while getting a close look at the Sonex, the bird of his dreams. We talked with the designer and came away with Brett feeling it was doable.

At present, I have no plans to buy an ultra light, but who knows what the future might hold?

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