Oswego County prepares for landfill liner expansion

by Carol Thompson

Members of the Oswego County Legislature’s Infrastructure and Facilities Committee took the first step toward preparing for a costly landfill liner expansion at the Bristol Hill Transfer Station.

During Thursday’s meeting, the committee approved a budget transfer of $1 million to begin the project.

Oswego County Solid Waste Director Frank Visser has identified the need to begin planning for the engineering and construction of the next 5.4-acre cell.

The current estimate for the liner is $3.5 million.

According to an informational memorandum provided to legislators, the airspace currently left at the landfill will be sufficient for another six or seven years of use at the current filling rate.

“It is advisable to start working towards (sic) building the next cell now, because of the process involved,” Visser wrote.

The engineering needs to be completed April 2013 and the state Department of Environmental Conservation has to review and approve the plans and specifications.

Bidding and construction would begin around 2016.

Once landfill liners have been constructed, the first sold waste filled on top of the new liner must be “select waste” that generally consists of residential waste and is only available when the county’s Energy Recovery Facility bypasses waste during scheduled maintenance downtime.

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