Valley Viewpoints: Fulton vs. Granby

by Rose Anthony of Granby

I have always informed you on what is happening in Granby. Please read this very carefully and take an interest in it.

The City of Fulton wants to annex its Sewer Treatment Plant from the Town of Granby. Just because the city is hurting, why should the Town of Granby suffer? Yes, I mean suffer financially.

If the City of Fulton succeeds and takes the Sewer Treatment Plant, they want to make it tax exempt. If that happens, then the Fulton City School District will lose $78,824.14 in tax money — not to mention the other county, fire department and highway taxes.

It all falls on us, the taxpayers, in the end. The Town of Granby, years ago, was the highest tax town to live in. We, in Granby, have come a long way and can finally “see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

What I am asking each and every person in the Town of Granby is to come Monday, Aug. 6 at 7 p.m. to the Fulton Municipal Building.

The Fulton Common Council and the Granby Town Board are having an open public meeting where the public can speak.

Although the Town of Granby has an attorney representing us, it would be great for the people to come forward and speak.

I am asking all of you to attend, speak your minds, and be there behind our Granby town board 100 percent against annexing.

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