Several big plays propel Shock to another win in Fulton

by Rob Tetro

When the Syracuse Shock took on Watertown a week ago, it took the Shock all of about 10 seconds to set the tone for the entire game. When Syracuse took on Amsterdam this past Saturday in Fulton, the beginning of the game was simliar.

The Shock didn’t score 10 seconds into the game but thanks to an athletic run by DeWayne Gordon, Syracuse struck early, which set the tone for an 56-0 win over Amsterdam.

After receiving the opening kickoff, it took all of about 50 seconds for the Shock to get onto the scoreboard. With 14:11 left in the first quarter, Gordon gave Syracuse a 6-0 lead following a 60-yard touchdown run off a pitch to the left side of the field.

Despite trying to mix upthe Shock Defense with quick passes and handoffs, Amsterdam was quickly forced to punt.

The Shock coaching staff appeared to outsmart the Amsterdam coaches during its second offensive possession of the game.

After a handful of plays where the Shock attempted to apply its run-first offensive game plan with quarterback T.J. Sheard under center, Syracuse coaches caught Amsterdam off guard when they quickly brought Sheard out in the shotgun in a spread formation. Sheard took the snap and found Tyrone Burke Jr. on a bubble screen. Burke out ran Amsterdam defenders the remaining 35 yards to make the score 12-0 with 8:53 left in the first quarter.

While attempting to return the ensuing kickoff, Amsterdam fumbled the ball back to Syracuse at midfield. Three plays after the fumble, the Shock caught a break following a questionable call. Sheard went back to throw to Burke.

The ball went one way and Burke went the other. However, there was enough physical contact against Burke to warrant a pass interference call and an automatic first down.

A few plays later, Tyler Gage gave Syracuse a 20-0 lead with 5:08 left in the first quarter. Gage scored off a play-action pass from Sheard from 25 yards out.

Amsterdam took on a more multiple offensive approach during its second drive of the game. It attempted to attack the Shock Defense with their quarterback working more under center. The adjustment worked to no avail as Jaquan Williams intercepted an Amsterdam pass a few plays into the drive.

Following Williams’ interception and solid return, the Shock were near the Amsterdam 10-yard line with 3:54 left in the first quarter.

A couple of plays later, Fullback James Chaplin scored on a counter run from a yard out. Following Champlin’s score, the Shock converted the two-point attempt Sheard took the snap the pass was tipped at the line of scrimmage but caught by Syracuse linemen John Toper, who plowed his way into the endzone for the extra two points.

The Shock now lead 28-0 with 2:33 left in the first quarter.

During the final moments of the first quarter, Amsterdam got solid field position following a solid kickoff return, which was aided by a personal foul penalty against the Shock. Despite the solid field position, Amsterdam was forced to punt.

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