Cayuga Community College tuition to increase two percent

by Andrew Henderson

The Cayuga County Legislature recently approved Cayuga Community College’s 2012-2013 budget, which includes a 3.4 percent, or approximately $130 a year, increase in tuition.

The 2012-13 annual tuition will be $3,950 for full-time students and the part-time rate will be $160 per credit. The student fees remain unchanged.

The $32.36 million college budget represents a 5.19-percent increase over last year, which is the result of the new Fulton campus in Oswego County and the fact that 80 percent of the operating expenditures are fixed costs. These expenditures include such items as heating, electrical, water, insurance, rent, and employee salary and benefit contractual obligations.

“We have done our best to propose a fiscally sound budget that keeps the college moving forward while acknowledging the investment made by Cayuga County taxpayers,” said CCC President Daniel Larson. “We are pleased to see that the county has approved the budget, including an increase in its direct allocation to us. We know from economic impact studies that for every dollar invested in the college, taxpayers will see a return with a cumulative added value of $3.30 in the form of higher tax revenues and avoided social savings costs.”

The Cayuga County Legislature approved the college’s operating budget for 2012-13 with a two-percent increase — or approximately $56,830 — in its local sponsor contribution.  This is the first increase in three years. The total direct contribution by Cayuga County now will be $2,898,345 for 2012-13.

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