County DA discusses bath salts

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County District Attorney Gregory Oakes spoke to members of the legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee about bath salts, the synthetic drug that’s been making headlines as arrests related to use increase.

During Monday’s meeting, Oakes said he had met with the county administrator, county attorney, legislature chairman and the sheriff to talk about local legislation to prohibit sales and possession of bath salts.

“It’s becoming ever more present,” he said.

Oakes said that from the consumer standpoint, it is not known what is in the product, which can be smoked and snorted. Oakes said testing the components of the bath salts can cost between $100-$200.

The effects of the bath salts on the human body can cause a plethora of bizarre behavior.  The salts can cause the body temperature to rise to 105-106 degrees, Oakes noted. That is the reason why so many users are found naked.

Oakes said one police officer told him that it once took six officers to restrain an average size man high on bath salts.  It’s a problem for hospital staff as well as they attempt to treat someone who is paranoid, hallucinating and have super strength.

“We are fortunate that there aren’t any deaths attributed to it at this point,” Oakes said.

County Attorney Richard Mitchell said Family Court has begun to see bath salts and synthetic marijuana use in 15 and 16 year olds. He added that they are stealing it and using it.

“The ban once enacted, it will take a while for this stuff to disappear, I’m sure,” Mitchell said.

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