Valley Viewpoints: Water chestnuts

by James Karasek, County Legislator

I would like to respond to a Valley Viewpoint about the spraying of the invasive weeds on the Oswego River.

First, each homeowner along the river should have received a letter from Soil and Water in regards to the treatment of the water chestnuts this year. Yes, there will be a round of treatment applied this year.

Soil and Water informed me that they have switched the chemical to be used and there was an approval process that took longer than planned.

The process should begin at the end of this month.

New this year is that we are working with Onondaga County in this treatment and that will hopefully be a better attack with the water chestnuts not moving from one county to the other.

Soil and Water has requested that if you have any questions on this year’s program to contact them. The number for Soil and Water is 592-9663 and the e mail is:

As always, if I can be of assistance in answering any questions please contact me.

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