Sheriff deputy shortage continues

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County sheriff’s deputies continue to be in shortage and low pay is a contributing factor.

Currently, there is one opening while another  deputy is expected to leave at the end of next month. Another deputy will be leaving in September and at least two will be gone at the first of the year, according to Sheriff Reuel “Mo” Todd.

“I can’t blame them,” Todd said of the deputies leaving. “We still don’t make the pay that they make in the police departments or nuclear plants.”

The union representing the deputies is currently in contract negotiations with the county, Todd said.

The starting salary for a deputy, as of 2011, is $18.93 per hour.

“It’s not as good as other agencies yet,” Todd said of the salary.

It costs the county $40,000 to $50,000 to train a deputy, Todd noted.  The investment can be short-lived if a deputy leaves for a better paying position within another agency.

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