Hannibal board tables rental bill payment

by Carol Thompson

An unexpected equipment rental bill was tabled by the Hannibal Town board this week to allow time to learn more about the $2,465 charge.

Councilman Jack Beckwith Jr. expressed discomfort with approving the bill for payment when the board met Wednesday which resulted in no action being taken. “My deputy was told it was a mower demo and all of a sudden they (company) called up and said there was a bill on it,” Highway Superintendent Dan Mahaney said.

The bill is for 29 hours of rental use for replacement of a mower that was being repaired under warranty.

“According to the deputy highway superintendent, they offered it,” Beckwith said.

Councilwoman Virginia Wilbur made a motion to pay the bill, however, Beckwith did not give a second. He was the only board member present who could do so as board members Charles Reed and  Carl Emmons were absent.

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