County’s new E-911 system expected to be up and running

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County’s E-911 system is expected to be up and running Monday and, so far, it appears to be a great improvement over the current system, according to county officials.

The system was developed as part of a five-county cooperative venture and is being used as a template statewide.

These five counties came together because the need for improvement in intra-county communication. “This really came together when they had the train derailment over in Central Square a few years ago,” Oswego County Undersheriff Gene Sullivan said of the 2005 accident. “We had to involve a lot of agencies and no one could communicate with one another.”

The new system will link Oswego, Madison, Cayuga, Cortland and Onondaga counties. Onondaga County has had their system in operation for several months.

The new radios have been issued and some deputies have been undergoing training to come back and train the others.

“It’s unequivocally better,” Sullivan said.

As of Thursday, the transition from the old system to the new is expected to take place Monday, Sullivan said, although it does not need to be in operation until September.

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