County approves name change for special committee

by Carol Thompson

A special committee formed for redrawing legislative district lines received a name change when the Oswego County Legislature met Thursday.

The Redistricting Committee was approved to be now called the Reapportionment Committee.

The change came in the form of an amendment when a resolution was introduced in request of a $5,000 budget modification for the purchase of software.

Legislator Jake Mulcahey asked why the reason for the change.

Legislator Dan Chalifoux responded that the change is because the legislature is not reducing in size, but rather reapportioning the districts.

Legislator Doug Malone said he wanted to know why the legislature wasn’t looking at downsizing.

Chalifoux said a committee had been formed to do that and reported back to the legislature.

The committee agreed that a reduction in the number of legislators was not needed.

Malone said he believes the issue should still be studied.

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