Valley Viewpoints: Dedicated board member

by Bob and Sandy Weston of Fulton

We would like to commend assistant editor Nicole Reitz and The Valley News for the article that appeared Saturday, June 30 on the 21-year service on the Fulton School Board by Robbin Griffin. The article was well written and it was so good to hear Robbin’s responses.

We have known Robbin for a number of years and have always admired her hard work, dedication, leadership qualities and experience that she has provided the Fulton community by way of the school board.

She has never shied away from the many challenges that continually impact our educational system.

Serving on the school board is very demanding, time consuming and often a thankless job, but we are fortunate to have an outstanding board that works very hard to make sure that our students receive the very best education possible.

We know that even though Robbin will no longer be a member of the board, the work she has done over the last 21- years leaves a strong foundation to build on.

Whatever Robbin chooses to do, she will continue to be involved in her community. We wish her well and if you see her out and about, thank her for a job well done.

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