County redistricting begins

by Carol Thompson

The redistricting committee for the Oswego County Legislature met for the first time Tuesday.

The five Republican, one Democrat committee mapped out a plan for redrawing legislative district lines.

There are several districts that have either too many or too few residents.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 fall within the appropriate population range.

Districts 7 (Mexico), 8 (Palermo), 9 (Central Square) and 10 (Phoenix) are over the allowed population variance and 11 and 12 are within the allowance.

Districts 13 (Mexico) and 14 (Oswego) are under the allowed variance and Districts 15 and 16 are within the appropriate population range. District 17 (Oswego) is under the allowed variance and Districts 18 and 19 are within the allowance. The population of District 20 (Town of Oswego) is over the allowance and Districts 21 (Hannibal), 22 (Fulton and Granby) and 23 (Granby) are under the allowed variance.

Districts 24 and 25 are within the appropriate range.

Legislator Jim Oldenburg, who represents District 14, has the lowest population at 4,322 while Legislature Chairman Fred Beardsley, who represents District 9, has the highest at 5,635. The average population per district should be 4,884.

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