Meeting adjourned: Final Fulton Board of Education meeting for Robbin Griffin

by Nicole Reitz

Robbin Griffin, a 21-year member of the Fulton Board of Education, said goodbye to her fellow colleagues during Tuesday’s meeting.

Griffin’s three-year term ends June 30. She will be replaced by former board member Dan Pawlewicz, who will rejoin the table next month.

Griffin first ran for a seat on the school board in 1991. At that time, she had attended board meetings for ten years and was an active member of the Friends of Fairgrieve Parent Group.

Twenty-one years ago, the school board was much different and didn’t have the policies that exist today, said Griffin.

“We had absolutely nothing written down,” she said.

Now, there are more than 9,000 policies outlined in the district’s handbook. These policies include expectations of the staff as well as the intent of the district.

“Overall, the development of strong policies are beneficial for kids and people who work in our system,” noted Griffin.

In the last two decades, Griffin said the board is more accepting and open to accountability. She added that she is also proud of her peers’ commitment to the board.

As far as the students, Griffin said technology has changed the classroom. Students are more distracted with handheld technology and need interaction. Teachers have to be more in-tuned to the millennial generation, which requires them to make plans above and beyond a sit and listen lecture.

“Expectations of students are much more rigorous than they were 21 years ago,” said Griffin.

She often jokes at monthly public meetings that her grandson is going to be more knowledgeable than her soon.

To keep up with her knowledge of education, Griffin sits on many committees. She has sat on the audit committee since its formation, which she described as a well-working group that works at a high level of performance. In the past, she also served on a committee that studied student eligibility.

Throughout her career, Griffin said she has kept her focus on education, whether it be focused on the school board or lobbying in Albany or Washington, D.C.

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