In And Around Hannibal: June 30, 2012

Rita Hooper

Well folks, we’ve been together a long time. Doing some “after the move” sorting, I’ve discovered that this is my 30th year of writing this column (Bea Welling Scott took over the column for the five years I lived in Pennsylvania – I think of that time as a long vacation.)

That means this relic has been writing since before computers came into schools and long before the village had water. I hadn’t reached 40 yet and was a mom to two young boys. The Human Resource Center had just opened and Gordon Hastings was school superintendent.

Since that time, I have seen many changes in Hannibal and its environs, many of which appeared in my column.

It takes about an hour and a half to go through a years worth of columns – I never labeled what the lead was about so that more or less is what has prompted this task.

I know the printer’s ink was much dirtier in the past than it is now! In the early days. I would handwrite the column and number the paragraphs so my typist (my husband) would know the correct order to type the column in. When done I would drive the column into the newspaper in Fulton, which has moved three times since I started writing.

I’ve seen the advent of the fax machine and the computer – both of which have made my life easier at times and frustrating at others. I no longer number my paragraphs!

As a lot of other Hannibal news has appeared on the same page as my column, I have come across a lot of articles and pictures of people who are no longer part of the community but have left their impression. I also have some pics that make you giggle at the clothes and hairstyles.

There are articles about what the town and village government was up to. Do you know when Hannibal Village received its first grant, what it was for and who worked to get it? There are a number of Hannibal Jr.-Sr. Honor pages and Hannibal Nursery school pictures. I’ve discovered that there have been three Beautification committees since I started writing and that one of them did a series on special folks who have contributed to Hannibal. I’ll also plan on featuring some of those. One of them at least can fit into the category of Hannibal characters that I’ve been doing this year.

If anyone had told me when I started that I’d still be writing in the 21st century, I would have laughed and told them they were crazy. Funny how what was new is now history!

If my English teachers knew I was writing a weekly column for a newspaper, they’d just shake their heads! I guess that’s a reminder to not listen to anyone who tells you  that you can’t do something because your not good enough at it. Just do it and prove them wrong! Oops, what’s the rule on triple negatives?  But you know what I mean!

It has been kind of fun taking this trip down memory lane and from time to time I will share some older columns with you.

*  *  *  *  *

Look what I just found in my sorting – not from my column but just under it in an article written by Kristen L. McKeown, appearing in the Oct. 26, 1992 Valley News: “Hannibal Village Board approves summer concert idea.”

If I may quote:

Hannibal Historical Society President Grace Crego and two other representatives (Louise Kellogg and Pauline Sanderson) presented a proposal to hold an “old fashioned band concert” in Hannibal next summer.  “The Historical Society will serve as coordinator,” Ms. Sanderson said, and added that she hopes many more community and church groups will get involved.

According to Ms. Sanderson, events like this were staged in the Village Square before, and doing it again will give people a “chance to relive some of the past.”  The Hannibal Community Band will provide the evening’s music, and area groups will be encouraged to sign up to run various food and drink booths, she stated.  “The band…is receptive to the idea.

The Historical Society has chosen July 9, 1993, as the date for the concert, with July 16 as a rain date. “That evening might start another musical era for our village and town,” Ms. Sanderson concluded.

The board members unanimously approved the idea. “I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time,” observed Village trustee Fred Kent.

See related news item further down in the column.

*  *  *  *  *

The big news is that there isn’t too much news. Summers are always slim in the news department. But in years past, I had news of 4H happenings, VBS and chicken barbecues. Don’t forget if it’s important to you, it just might be important to someone else. So drop me an e-mail ( or give me a buzz at 706-3564.

I’m reminded it’s time for the Oswego County Fair is June 30 through July 4 at the Fairgrounds in Sandy Creek. Saturday is Legislator’s Day, Sunday is Family Day, Monday is Children’s Day, Tuesday is Senior Day and Wednesday, the 4th of July is Honor the Military Day. Gates open at 10 a.m. and the buildings close at 9 p.m.  Check out OswegoCountyFair on the web for more specific details.

The Hannibal United Methodist Church will welcome new pastor Dean Flemming Sunday, July 1.

There are new worship service hours this summer: 11 a.m. Sunday mornings. Pastor Flemming also serves the Martville United Methodist Church.

Summer reading starts July 10 at the Hannibal Library and runs through Aug. 16. Sign up for the program has begun, but children are encouraged to come in any time.

Tuesday and Thursdays from 10 to 11 a.m. is crafts, reading and activities and Wednesday is the tennis program; all activities are at the library. The summer reading program has set a goal of reading 3,000 books (we were close to that last year), and if we make that goal, Jim Morabito & the IGA will bring all of the fixings for a picnic at the end of the summer.

Senior Meal Program will be hosting lunch Monday, and Friday at noon.  Come early for coffee, conversation and games. They meet at the Senior Center (Library Building) on Oswego Street.  Call Rosemary at 564-5471 to make your reservation.

The Jammers will meet at the Legion on Rochester Street for their Monday night (7 to 10 p.m.) Jam. There will be a covered dish dinner at 6 p.m.; please bring a dish to pass. If you enjoy country music come down and join in or listen.

Thursday at 11:30 a.m., the Methodist church holds a chilli-soup lunch. This is available for free to any and all who would like to come to the church on Church Street, one block west of the Village Square. The 20th annual Concert in the Park will be held Sunday, July 8 at the firemen’s field on Rochester Street in the Village of Hannibal.

The S.O.S. FEST is fast approaching. It will be held July 20-22 Hannibal Fireman’s Field.

It is sponsored by the Cabin 3 Youth group of God’s Vision Church. It is a three-day music festival that will host over a dozen bands play from all over the USA and Canada, including Newworldson, Everyday Sunday, Silversyde, Cry Of the Scapegoat, The Vintage Band, Wes Aarum, Good Fight, The 7 Thunders, The Sent Forth, Infusion Ministry, and Against The Slate. Tickets are available now at

Would you like to honor or keep the memory alive of someone special to you in Hannibal?  Buy a brick for the park with their name on it. Call Peg Shepard at 564-6998.

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