Hodgepodge: June 30, 2012

by Roy Hodge

Last week, before we were scheduled to visit grandson Marcus on the occasion of his second birthday, I brushed up on what to expect from two-year-olds.

I remembered that two-year-olds like to move quickly from one activity to another and then come back to the beginning.

They will play with a toy for a few minutes and then move on to another one.  When you are two, ripping wrapping paper from a present and the box the toy was packaged in might be more appealing than the gift itself. The ribbons are a lot of fun, too, and they taste good.

Two-year-olds walk, jump, run and climb. A great deal of time is spent exploring, pushing, pulling, filling and dumping.  They cry, and then very quickly they are laughing and giggling.

Two-year-olds enjoy things that are not meant for playing with.  They seem to enjoy Grandpa’s keys as much as a pricey new toy. They’re just learning to share, and when they do they sometimes change their mind quickly. They like to play peek-a-boo games.

After a few minutes, a two-year-old will smile at a doting grandparent they hadn’t seen for a couple of months, but they would rather be with Mommy or Daddy. (Our particular two-year-old seems to remember that Uncle Jeff is the “fun guy” in the family.)

Marcus is showing signs of maturity. Last year when he was one, he enjoyed rides in his stroller. Now, at two, his preferred mode of transportation is being driven around in a golf cart.

While two-year-olds seem to be noted for their ability to throw sudden tantrums, I didn’t see any of that from Marcus. He did, however, have a little problem adjusting to his family’s social activities after waking up from his nap.

On his birthday, Marcus was learning a new trick. He was mastering the skill of putting two fingers together in a sort of victory sign when asked how old he is.

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