Valley Viewpoints: North Bay facts

by Barry Ostrander, Parks and Recreation Superintendent of the City of Fulton

I’m writing in response to a Valley Viewpoint that was printed in The Valley News on June 20. I wanted to respond with accurate information relating to the North Bay Campground revenues and expenditures for 2011.

At the June 12 Recreation Committee meeting held at the east-side pool, I presented the council, Recreation Committee, two city employees and three Fulton citizens with figures on how the campground fared in 2011.

Each year. I present the council and mayor an expenditure budget that I anticipate I may need for the operations of the campground. During that time, I also present a revenues budget of the same amount so that the campground operations are on a break-even basis on paper and is not a tax liability when used to factor in the tax base.

The budget for 2011 was $49,502 for both budgets. The campground revenues for 2011 were $45,716.00 and its expenditures were $41,775.50 of which both came in under budget; however, there was a surplus of $3,941.50 that more than covered the operations of campground.

These figures do not include the property tax the campground parcel sits on that is paid to the Fulton City School District, Town of Granby and Oswego County.

The reason for this is that the city pays for that parcel regardless of what it is used for. When the campground was closed in the early 1990s, the city was paying for property that sat empty and was over grown with weeds, brush and left inhabitable.

The Bullard Administration in 1994 decided to reopen the campground for camping under the condition it paid for the maintenance and upkeep associated with camping.

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