Poetry Corner: A River Runs Through Us

by Jim Farfaglia

Most days we don’t give it a thought,

our cars traveling over it so swiftly.

But if you ever get the chance to walk across

– either bridge will do –

you can almost hear its history

flowing beneath you:


The Iroquois, enchanted by its waters,

listening to its message

and living by it, peacefully.


The European explorers, passing through,

finding its churning life-force

and finding good reason to stay.


The mills – flour, paper and woolen –

its industrious waters turning wheels,

turning this settlement into a city.


The locks, bringing in the big boats,

bringing young and old to its banks,

where they watched in wonder.


The parks, havens beside its waters,

fishing in summer, skating in winter;

a pause in life’s busyness.


This mighty river,

how it moves us through time.

How it reflects our lives.

How it stirs our spirits!

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