The Sportsman’s World: June 23, 2012

by Leon Archer

Salmon eggs make a great bait for salmon and trout; most fishermen are aware of that simple fact.

When I first started using eggs, I was never very successful, but as I learned more about them and about using them, my success rate improved.

Today, they are often my go to bait for salmon when they are in the rivers and streams.

At first, I read all I could find about curing eggs for use. I tried brine,  borax, sugar, food coloring, oil of anise, and other odd items, but I had about given the project as hopeless until I started guiding in Alaska.

At first I used eggs in the skein, cut into pieces, without any cure at all. This worked pretty well for silver salmon in the Naknek River, but they did not last for many casts in the river current.

As long as I had plenty of eggs, that was not a huge problem, but obviously there had to be something better.

I used borax in Alaska; it firmed up the eggs and kept them on the hook longer, but the fish were less interested in them.

After trying different homemade concoctions, I came to the conclusion that fresh eggs still worked best for me.

We used fresh skein eggs with Spin-N-Glos for king salmon with great success, but if a king hit the bait without getting the hook, the eggs were immediately gone.

Again, as long as we had plenty of eggs, it worked.

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